As I mentioned in my last post, I was involved in a panel discussion for small business owners about things you can do to reduce your stress as a small business owner. After the panel, one of the business owners approached me and asked me the following question: What is the most important thing a business owner should do from ...


What to Plan When You’re Expecting

A few days ago, I got a very giddy call from a client. He told me that he needed some legal advice. When anybody calls me sounding so happy and says they need legal advice, it is usually one of three things: they got engaged, they bought a house, or they had a baby. My client’s situation was not one ...


Neil Gaiman on Preserving Your Creative Work

In 2006, Neil Gaiman declared “My current crusade is to make sure creative people have wills”. As a lawyer and a Coraline fan, finding that quote made me a little giddy. He followed up that statement with a discussion about why it is so important for every person ...


Appeal Your Property Tax Bill

The following is a guest post by Woodbury real estate agent Aundrea Paskett. You can get more home maintenance and home buying advice by visiting her blog. To successfully appeal your property tax bill, you first need to do a bit of sleuthing into your real estate assessment. Owning a home is an expensive proposition. There’s maintenance, landscaping, utilities, renovations, ...