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As I mentioned in my last post, I was involved in a panel discussion for small business owners about things you can do to reduce your stress as a small business owner. After the panel, one of the business owners approached me and asked me the following question: What is the most important thing a business owner should do from a legal perspective? I may have surprised the business owner when I had an answer as soon as they finished asking ...


What to Plan When You’re Expecting

A few days ago, I got a very giddy call from a client. He told me that he needed some legal advice. When anybody calls me sounding so happy and says they need legal advice, it is usually one of three things: they got engaged, they bought a house, or they had a baby. My client’s situation was not one of those three, but he was close. My client and his wife had just found out the day before that ...


Dear Valued Clients and Friends

This weekend I underwent unplanned surgery; I am recovering and doing well. The recovery period will be approximately four to six weeks. Current clients will see no disruption in service, however there may be minor delays in response times. I will continue to be available by phone and email. During the recovery period, I will be responding to new client matters via phone and email. Alex


The biggest reason attorneys tell people that they need a will and estate plan is to manage tax issues. Tax planning is a major part of your estate plan and shouldn’t be ignored; however, it is only one of many reasons that you should consult with an attorney for a will and estate plan. Too often people tell me that they have spoken with an attorney and, since they don’t have any major estate tax issues, the attorney told them ...


Pet Instructions

No one knows your pet like you do. If something were to happen to you today, how would somebody know how to care for your pet? There are plenty of idiosyncrasies that a new caretaker or owner of your pet wouldn’t know unless you told them. For example, I have a dog that is generally very calm and friendly. What most people don’t notice is that he gets very nervous around men and he needs time to get used to ...


Weddinglaw.Us: You’re Married, Now What?

Today’s blog is a guest post from our sister website, WeddingLaw.Us. Weddinglaw.Us is dedicated to informing and helping newlyweds and engaged couples in their basic legal needs. ********************************Getting married is a major change in our life that is generally the precursor to even larger changes. Within a couple of years of their wedding, couples have generally purchased a house together, which is more than likely the largest asset either person has ever owned, and most couples have had a child, ...


Most days, I find myself wishing at least a little bit that being an adult was as simple as I thought it was when I was a kid. I imagined my future as pretty simple; I got a job, I got paid, and then, the best part, I got to spend all of that money on all the awesome toys that I wanted. Sadly, my adult life isn’t nearly as simple, awesome, or filled with Ninja Turtles as I imagined ...