The Law Firm of Alex Bajwa, LLC was established in 2008 with the mission to serve families and small businesses that have been underserved by the traditional law firm model.

The firm was founded on two pledges:

  1. 1) Alex Bajwa, LLC would be a firm that attorneys would enjoy working for; and

  2. 2) Alex Bajwa, LLC would be a firm that attorneys themselves would want to hire.

In the pursuit of its mission and its pledge, Alex Bajwa, LLC has broken from the traditional law firm model by providing bundled and unbundled legal services at affordable flat rates, holding annual Name Your Own Price Months, and working with clients on a monthly subscription basis.

Since it was established, Alex Bajwa, LLC has helped all types of families with services ranging from basic estate planning, to advanced trust and financial planning, as well has helping them through a legal crisis. The firm will always be committed to the idea that having a plan is good for families, both financially and emotionally.

Throughout its history, Alex Bajwa, LLC has also had a passion for helping small businesses, ranging from new startups, hobbyists, consultants, and larger businesses with up to 100 employees.  Alex Bajwa, LLC is committed to the idea that its attorneys and associated attorneys are not just good lawyers, but good business coaches.

As it grows along with its clients, the firm will continue to innovate new ways of helpings its clients. No matter what the situation, Alex Bajwa. LLC will always find new ways of doing business.