Terms of Service

Alex Bajwa LLC Partner Plan Terms of Service

1.       The monthly subscription fee for the Partner Program is based on the following schedule:

a.       Home Partner Program: $40/Month

b.       Hobby Level (Business gross revenue of less than $10,000/ year and the business is not the subscriber’s primary form of income): $60/Month

c.       Business with gross revenue less than $100,000: $100/Month.

d.       Business with gross revenue between $100,000 and less than $500,000: $150/Month.

e.       Business with gross revenue between $500,000 and less than $1,000,000: $250/Month

f.        Business with gross revenue above $1,000,000: A monthly payment equivalent to 1/12th of ½% of Business’s estimated yearly gross revenue.

2.       The following services are provided to members of the Business Partner Program:

a.       Unlimited consultations via phone or email.

b.       Document review via email for all documents.

c.       All legal services provided to client will be discounted 25% off the publicly available rate.  The rates are available on Alex Bajwa, LLC’s website.  This discount does not apply to any contingency fees, costs or expenses related to any legal representation.

d.       Every month shall receive credit at the firm equivalent to 25% of the monthly subscription fee paid. This monthly credit is cumulative with other months and may be used for all fees charged by Alex Bajwa, LLC excepting contingency fees, costs, fees, or expenses related to any legal representation.

e.       All owners, partners, and employees of a business enrolled in the Partner Program may purchase subscriptions for the Home Partner Program at 50% off the publicly available rate as listed in the Home Partner Program Terms of Service.

f.        Alex Bajwa, LLC will attempt to respond to all Subscriber phone calls and emails within 2 business days of receipt.  We guarantee response within 5 business days

3.       The services provided are subject to the following restrictions:

a.       Alex Bajwa, LLC reserves the right to suspend service or to extend response time for Subscriber phone calls and emails in the event of the death, incapacitation, or medical emergency of the owners of Alex Bajwa, LLC.  All reasonable attempts will be made to inform Subscribers of this event.

b.       Alex Bajwa, LLC reserves the right to terminate all partner subscription upon the purchase or dissolution of Alex Bajwa, LLC.

4.       Renewal of services following termination by client:

a.       If Partner Program services have been terminated by the client within the past 12 month period, and client wishes to renew enrollment in the Partner Program, the subscription with be subject to the payment of a Renewal fee equivalent in cost to the cost of three months of service under the current Partner Program subscription fee.

b.       The Renewal Fee may be waived on a case by case basis in the sole discretion of Alex Bajwa, LLC.