“I am a licensed Realtor and am currently a customer of the Partner Program that Alex Bajwa offers.  Being a Realtor in this market, I need to have my clients protected.  This program allows me to do that.  Bank owned properties tend to have their own purchase agreements and stuff a lot of additional terms in there if not read through properly.  This program allows me to have Alex review these contracts for them and spell out what is all in there for the client.  I cannot give legal advice, so it’s a benefit to have this program set up if my clients need it.

I have used Alex’s services on a few occasions so far and I am really pleased with the service that I received.  In one case, I had him read through a contractual agreement that was new to me and he broke down each paragraph of the contract for me so that I could better understand it and was then able to explain the contract to others.  I did pass the breakdown to a couple colleagues and they were very impressed on the detail that was provided and that the legal jargon was interpreted so well. “

Aundrea M Paskett

RE/MAX Agent


Mr. Bajwa,

I wanted to take this opportunity to drop you a note about your outstanding Partner Program.  It has made such a difference for my business and me personally. I feel that I now have the access to legal council that I always have wanted and needed- without the pain of having to put up thousands of dollars down for a retainer.

I try to be very proactive with my business decisions and by utilizing your free contract and document review that the Partner Program offers, I can now run these items by you before I sign anything- and that helps me sleep at night.

The legal work you have done for my company has been outstanding and your 40% discount has finally made legal work affordable for the small business owner.

I just can’t tell you how happy I have been with you and your services.  I have recommended you to all my clients, contacts, friends and family.  If a potential client ever wants to talk to someone regarding your service, just send me an email with their name and number and I will call them and gladly advocate for you.  I can assure them that they are making an outstanding business decision with an outstanding business professional. “


John Unruh

President, Integrity Marketing Systems


““I have known Alex since law school, when we met during a study abroad program. Since then I have watched him become a creative and very competent attorney. When the time came for me to set up an estate plan, I turned to Alex.””

Joao Medeiros


“Alex is an extraordinary professional with a high work ethic and perseverance to see things through to the end result. Alex is also reasonable on fees and provides exceptional service and value.”

Jay Bajwa


“Alex has a big asset for me from day one. My business, Thrifty Wrench.com, is my first startup and Alex as been there to provide sound legal advice every step of the way. I take comfort in knowing my company is on a strong legal footing thanks to Alex!”

 Jon Stojan


“Alex is amazing. I have him on retainer, he’s so good. I feel completely safe in my business, knowing that I can call him for anything and he’ll take proper care of me. He views all my documents, leases, contracts and answers questions until I know exactly what the answers are.”

Dread Naught Photography


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